Western Aloha and Sun Dot collaboration Men's Paniolo-style aloha shirt featuring our old vintage fish flags on a button down collared short sleeve shirt

Western Aloha x Sun Dot Fish Flags Short Sleeve Mens Shirt

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Western Aloha celebrates the Aloha Lifestyle. A company based on the Big Island of Hawai'i, they specialize in the "Paniolo Style" Aloha Shirt. We are proud to collaborate with Western Aloha to bring this unique shirt to the world!

The paniolo’s everyday life consists of activities normally associated with Hawaii, such as surfing and enjoying the beach, but paniolos also participate in activities such as cattle ranching, rodeos, and spending time in the snow-capped mountains.

For the Fish Flags print, Western Aloha used some of our vintage flags and made them into an “a-lure-ing” textile design that’s perfect for boat, beach or bar.

  • Our Cowboy Cloth is lightweight, breathable and quick drying. Super soft, yet so tough it scares wrinkles away. 60% cotton / 40% poly.
  • Reverse print traps happiness inside.
  • Short Sleeve | Tailored fit | Pearl Snaps | Shoulder yokes
  • Performance from sea to snow and beach to bar
  • Imported
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