Upcycle Fish Flag Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Sets

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These slide pouches are handmade using reclaimed sheet plastics collected from local businesses.  Heat and pressure are applied to melt multiple layers of plastics together in a hand-fusing process creating a thick and resilient base material suitable for long-term reuse.

Pouches come in 2” width and two lengths:

2” x 7”  with cutlery (Fork, Knife, Spoon, Straw, 6.5”)

2” x 9” with cutlery (Fork, Knife, Spoon, Straw, 6.5”, Chopstick, 8”)

Each bag is a unique piece of usable art giving new life to an overlooked material.  As a result of our techniques, no two bags are ever the same. Graphic placement and backgrounds will vary per pouch and pictures are not an exact representation of what you will receive. Please visit our social media links to see more variations of our products.

Designs and textures vary due to differences in plastics used to create product.  Pictures are just examples of color schemes and actual product may look slightly different.  As we utilize donated post-consumer plastics, color and design availability will differ and is reliant on material sources.  While color schemes may be requested, product availability is based on our resource stream.

Easy to clean plastic – just rinse and dry. These pouches are ideal for anything… loose change, toiletries, tools and even pet treats!

Bags are water-resistant but not waterproof.  Aluminum Carabiner Included.

Textures, sizes and shapes vary slightly due to the variety of materials used. It is essential that we use low heat to melt our plastics so there is a “bubbly” underwater look to the bags as result of this process.

Made in Hawaii.


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