Upcycle Hawaii Wahoo / Ono Water Resistant Pouch

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Our New Pouches are made in collaboratoin with Mattie Larson of Upcycle Hawaii.

Mattie collects the plastic materials from different local businesses including auto body repair shops and furniture stores.

She screens our original Sun Dot Marine Marlin design, making sure no harsh chemical by-products result from this whole process.

Mattie then hand-sews each piece and attaches a carabiner to the zipper (not pictured here, but it is included with each pouch!)

This is our first run of Upcycled Pouches and we are stoked with how awesome they turned out!

The pouches have endless uses both on and off the water. The perfect way to carry your Little Hands Hawaii Sunscreen or protect your favorite Tsutomu Hawaii lure.

They come in two sizes:

Medium Square - 5” l x 0.5” w x 6” h

Large Rectangle - 9.5” l x 0.5” w x 6” h

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