This hat is an Otto Brand trucker hat that is black with a white 'iwa bird or great frigate bird in the center of the cap.

Kids Iwa Bird Trucker Hat

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Our new keiki (kids) hat features the Hawaiian 'Iwa Bird or Great Frigate Bird on our popular Otto Cap Trucker Hats.

The 'Iwa Bird is a special symbol to the fishermen and people of Hawai'i. The iridescent black feathers, including their tail feathers, were used in the kāhili of royalty and for feather capes. The 'Iwa is found in many great mo'olelo (stories) and 'ōlelo no'eau (sayings).

For years, Native Hawaiian fishermen have used the 'iwa bird to help guide their fishing adventures. "Kīkaha ka 'iwa he lā makani" which translantes to, "When the 'iwa bird soars high, it is going to be windy". 

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