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Sundot Marine

Iwa Bird Flag

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Our Newest Flag is here!

We encourage you to fly this flag on your way out of the harbor to bring your boat, crew or charter guests some good luck for the day of fishing ahead. 

This flag is also perfect to fly when you see an 'iwa bird out at sea, or if you are a bird lover at heart.

These flags can be flied easily anywhere using our Velcro attachment system and double-stitched sewing.

Each flag is handmade here in Hawai'i and made with Aloha. The flag features a white 'iwa bird on a black flag.

The 'Iwa bird (great frigate bird) has a 7 foot wingspan and forked tail and is known for its speed and agility. The Hawaiian name 'iwa means "thief" and refers to the birds practice of chasing and diving at other birds until they drop their fish or squid. The swift 'iwa bird is able to catch the food before it hits the water.

Available in two sizes: 12 x 18 inches and 16 x 24 inches.

*Note: Unlike many fish flags, this flag is NOT intended to signal the catch of 'Iwa birds, but rather just to celebrate the majestic local creature. We do not condone the catch of any seabirds.

Made in Hawai'i, USA. 


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New Maui strong fish flag

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Portions of our proceeds go to supporting our local fishermen and children. We regularly donate to island-wide fishing tournaments and conservation initiatives and have raised over $40,000 this year to help our Lahaina fishing community.

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