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Little Hands Hawaii

Little Hands Hawai’i Organic Body And Face Sunscreen

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A mineral-based sunscreen that is safe for you and the reef! 

3.4 oz Tin

SPF 35+ and water resistant for 80min+ (Certified FDA tested)

Tinted with iron oxide (mineral)

Made in Hawaii. 

This versatile body and face sunscreen is creamy and easy to apply. Packed with antioxidants and healing essential oils it is perfect for everyday use. 

Biodegradable formula in responsible recyclable tin with labels that are biodegradable. Completely earth friendly.

-Sensitive skin approved

-Won't sting eyes or run

-A little goes a long way

Application directions:
Apply body and face sunscreen liberally to all exposed skin before sun exposure, can be rubbed in to reduce whitening. Re apply after 80min or after sunscreen is rubbed off, after drying, or sweating.




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Supporting Local

Portions of our proceeds go to supporting our local fishermen and children. We regularly donate to island-wide fishing tournaments and conservation initiatives and have raised over $40,000 this year to help our Lahaina fishing community.

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