New Reef Safe Sunscreen By Little Hands Hawaii

New Reef Safe Sunscreen By Little Hands Hawaii

We are stoked to be selling a new sunscreen, safe for children, infants and Hawaii's delicate ocean habitat. Little Hands Organic Sunblock is Hawaii’s only locally prepared organic sunblock available.

Little Hands Hawaii Sunscreen available at Sundot Marine

Little Hands Sunscreen is made on O'ahu by Rosalyn & Michael Ardoin alongside their three little beach bums. Rosalyn works as a Registered Nurse and, "absolutely loves the people, the culture and the beauty Hawaii has to offer, Hawaii is home".

Michael was born and raised in Kapahulu where he grew up surfing, fishing and playing any sport outside. He is, "determined to protect and preserve the ocean for the future; education is key". Michael is always willing and ready to share information on the coral reefs and surf stories at any of the farmers markets they attend on O'ahu.

As a family they enjoy hiking, swimming, surfing, floating, painting, dancing and cooking like crazy, just to name a few.

"Creating our sunscreen is one way for us to share with everyone our love for the ocean and health".

"Preserving our skin and our environment is our goal and so by paying strict attention to purity and quality of each ingredient that forms each small batch, we have formulated a superior performing sunblock, safe for your skin and safe for our oceans".

Little Hands Hawaii Mineral Organic Face Stick

All ingredients used in Little Hands, are GMO free and held to the highest standard. The essential oils used are natively grown and sourced.

    Here at Sundot Marine, we understand the importance of taking each small step to helping preserve our oceans, and it starts with something as simple as sunscreen.

    We currently have their most popular tinted products: 1oz Organic Face Stick and 4oz Organic Tins available.

    If you aren't already using reef-safe sunscreen, you should start now. 

    Check out Little Hands Hawaii for more info and read more about The Trouble with Ingredients in Sunscreens




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