Zonta Fashion Frenzy Hilo

Zonta Fashion Frenzy Hilo

This past weekend we had a blast participating in the Zonta Fashion Frenzy in Hilo, Hawai'i - an incredible event showcasing local talent and Hawaii entrepreneurs. 


Sundot Marine Flags Booth At Zonta Fashion Frenzy Night Market Hilo

Sundot participated in the Friday night market with some amazing designers and food vendors, including a few of our faves: Cherry Blossom Bottoms, Peace of Hawaii, Cultivar and Hawaii Lassi 

Sundot Marine Flags at Zonta Fashion Frenzy Hilo Night Market Pouches

We got to catch up with some old-time Sundot Flag fans and had the chance to meet a lot of new fans too. 

Sundot Marine Flags Kids Coloring Fans

It was an incredible event with entertaining fashion shows, cold beer, and epic tunes.

Sundot Marine Flags at Zonta Fashion Frenzy in Hilo Fashion Show

Thanks for the support Hilo and a huge Mahalo to event organizers. Ashley Kierkiewicz what an accomplishments, and good luck with your baby arriving any day now!


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