World Ocean's Day at Hapuna Beach

World Ocean's Day at Hapuna Beach

This year, World Ocean’s day crept up on us and with all the volcanic activity and huge flag orders heading out before summer, we almost missed it! Lucky for us we get regular beach clean up reminders from Cynthia of Keep Puako Beautiful and Dena of The Hawaii State Parks allowed us to join in last minute. We were able to head down to Hapuna for the day to celebrate.

Sundot marine and little hands hawaii

Sign in table keep Puako beautiful and little hands hawaii

Little Hands Hawaii handed out over 200 FREE Reef-Safe Sunscreens

We were greeted by Cynthia (the leader behind Keep Puako Beautiful and the best beach clean up organizer) and Michael, the owner and powerhouse behind Little Hands Hawai’i. A mineral-based all-natural, reef-safe sunscreen company that we love. It was our first time meeting in person and Michael and his Ohana were nothing short of wonderful. We ended up sharing a table with Michael and helping to educate the public on the benefits of natural sunscreen and the destruction that chemical sunscreens are causing to our reefs as well as ourselves! 

Sundot marine flags table at Hapuna beach world oceans day

We brought our new Sundot Marine Sun Shirts to the beach to show the public another alternative to using harmful sunscreens. We realize the importance of being sun smart, especially when our customers spend most of their time in the sun fishing. The new Sun Shirts are 50+ SPF and when composted, they break down into nothing! This unique Fluid Fabric is super soft and not as harmful for the environment as traditional polyester rash shirts can be. The feedback was awesome and we can’t wait for these to be available on our website in a few days!

Little hands Hawai’i sunscreen Lori and jenna

While we were setting up, our littlest Sundot Ohana crew helped to fill their orange buckets with trash from around the area. The strangest thing being found by them was a plastic water bottle filled with hundreds of tiny dead (and a few live) cockroaches. The amount of plastic astounded the little ones, and was a little heartbreaking when they began to realize  how plastic just seems to be everywhere. 

 Hapuna beach cleanup tally

After the clean up we were able to enjoy a few of the amazing local and international organizations down at Hapuna Beach that day. There were so many intriguing and informative activities for both kids and adults alike. One of our favorites was the Dolphin Quest activity involving a stuffed Mahi-mahi. Once you opened up its Velcro belly, you found eight smaller fish. Little Amaiah opened up the zippers on the little fish bellies to find shrimp (“zooplankton”). These little zooplankton shrimp could then be dissected to find both food and bits of plastic. It was an excellent demonstration of the food chain and how plastic is affecting even the smallest of organisms, all the way up to the fish we consume and depend on for survival here in Hawaii. 

Dolphin quest mahi mahi activity

 Bits of plastic in zooplankton at Hapuna beach dolphin quest activity

We also really enjoyed the activities at US Army Corps Tent. They were there to help educate the public on the threats of explosives left behind by the military in the Hapuna Beach area and surrounding land that stretches all the way up to Waikoloa Village. Kids and adults could color images used to educate of the dangers and how to Recognize, Retreat and Report explosives. They could then transfer their illustration onto a T-Shirt! Super cool!

US Army Corps 3Rs educational activity Hapuna beach 2018

World oceans day us army corps explosive education activity

Product testing our new sun shirts Sundot wahoo ono

Sundot Ohana testing out our New Sun Shirts


So many friendly people from all over the island united for one epic cause: to help protect our oceans, which in one way or another provide joy to each of the people involved. Many of the people we met were volunteers and their passion was contagious. The girls with the monk seal table were the best! They had a great demonstration of how to keep your distance from monk seals on the beach, and their recycled beach art was gallery worthy!

Monk seal table Hapuna beach world ocean day

Marine debris monk seal art

Monk Seal made from upcycled plastic trash 

How to untangle whales from fishing rope

The girls learning how Humpback Whales become tangled in rope and marine debris

Another Sundot Ohana crew member, Amy Fitzgerald  joined us later in the day and chatted with the guys from Liquid Robotics. They are responsible for creating the Wave Glider, the most experienced ocean surface robot on the planet. Revolutionising how we explore and understand the world’s oceans.

Any talking story with the liquid robotics crew Amy talking with the crew of Liquid Robotics

Of course we had to go for a dip in the ocean to cool off-it was such a blazing hot day! We got the chance to check out the new keiki leggings coming soon to Feather Love Hawaii.

Sundot Ohana swimming at Hapuna beach on world oceans day

Feather love Hawaii tights for kids

Enjoying a swim with Feather Love Hawaii, Hapuna Beach

After  such a great day at Hapuna Beach, we have decided that every day is a great day to celebrate our Oceans. Whether it be by having a swim or going fishing. While you are at the beach, pick up some fishing net or litter on the sand. We can each try to do something small to help preserve and protect our Oceans for the future generations.

A super fun event and successful beach clean up. Thanks so much to the event organizer Dena and all the awesome volunteers and organizations involved!

We can’t wait til next year!

World oceans day crew Hapuna beach June 2018

More info on the latest West Hawai’i Beach Cleanups can be found at Keep Puako Beautiful or by contacting Cynthia Ho at

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