What's The Hype With Our Keiki Fish Tees?

What's The Hype With Our Keiki Fish Tees?

You may have noticed young anglers decked out in our original Sundot Marine Fish Flag designs and roaming the streets - or the beach - near you. Our new shirts are popping up at harbors all over Hawaii and you gotta admit, they make kids look pretty darn cute!

Young anglers in Sundot Marine Flags Marlin Tee on board the Top Shape Sportfishing Boat Kona Hawaii

The grandkids on board the Top Shape Sportfishing Charter, Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i. 


Our new Keiki Fish Tees came out in Hawaii this Summer as a small test run. Little did we know that shops would want to stock them and we would be nearly Sold Out in a few months!

Sundot Marine Flags Aku Skipjack Keiki tee for sale at Makisun Hawi Hawaii

Sundot Marine Wahoo Ono Keiki Tee for sale in Makisun Boutique Kohala Hawaii

 Shop our Keiki Tees at Makisun Boutique in Hawi, Hawai'i.


"It's been fun branching out from our core product (Fish Flags) to create new and unique clothing". The Kid's Tees are still based on our timeless and original designs but with an attempt to keep up with modern trends. All my friends are raising little lawai'a (young fishermen/women) so I thought, why not make some cute baby + kids tees for them?"  -Sundot Owner, Christina Henline

Lozza and Yaya at Wailoa State Park Hilo Hawaii wearing Sundot Marine Flags Keiki Shark Tee Lori and Yaya ready for adventure.

The response has been incredible with many of our sample-run shirts, being sent to the mainland and overseas. "I didn't expect the kids tees to take off so fast. It's awesome. I'm stoked to be putting in my next production run of them. I don't think they are going to go out of style - at least not in Hawaii where we live in T-shirts".

We came up with a few reasons why our Keiki Fish Tees are so awesome:

Axel and Knox in our Sundot Marine Keiki Tees Mahi Mahi and Marlin

Customer feedback tells us kids don't want to take their fish shirts off.

The simple color blocks are easy to match with any pair of surf shorts, fancy pants or no pants at all!

The 100% pre-shrunk cotton is comfy + handles the busy lives of children.

Our keiki shirts mean Adventure Ahead.

Sundot Marine Flags Keiki Shark Tee in Hilo Hawaii

Kids who fish, are happier kids.

Sundot Marine Flag Wahoo Ono Tee and Fresh Fish with the Kids

Our shirts help kids build connections. Wahoo Shirt + Wahoo Fish.

Sundot Marine Flags Keiki Ulua Tee at Pohoiki Hawaii

Dad's love dressing their kids in them + Mom loves matching too!

Amaiah wears Sundot Marine Flags Shark Tee at Wailoa Hilo Hawaii

And best of all, Kids love wearing them.

Our shirts are available in sizes 2T, 4T and 5/6 in a range of styles.


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