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Sundot Ohana: West Maui Sports

A few months ago we had the pleasure of stopping by one of our retail outlets on Maui, West Maui Sports. A small mom-and-pop fishing and outdoor activity store in Lahaina. When we got there we asked for Doug and sure enough he was behind the counter with a smile on his face, ready to show us around his shop. 

West maui sports storefront

It's a welcoming site when you arrive and see your flags flying

West Maui Sports has everything you need to get started with any type of outdoor sport near or on the ocean. Alongside specially selected local island wear (including our Men's Fish Tees)* West Maui Sports also helps book your fishing Charter, and sells a range of fishing and marine supplies. They offer epic snorkel gear rentals and can even rent you out a surfboard! There's even something for the Spear Fishermen, who love their spear guns and Hawaiian 3 prong spears!

 Sun Dot marine tees in west Maui sports store

Our Men's Basic Fish Tees on display in store

Talking story with Doug west maui sports

Talking story and stoking out on our T-shirt sales *

Sun Dot marine flags for sale in west maui sports 

 West Maui Sports sells a range of fishing and marine supplies

Doug at West Maui Sports has been selling our Sun Dot Marine Flags for over 20 years. To me, thats amazing! And I think it's great to meet the people you do business with and thank them in any small way that you can. We hooked him up with one of our hats. Doug was so super friendly and loved our Maui-Mahi hat. I think we made each other's day!

 Meet and greet with Doug stacey

 Thanks for taking the time to talk story with us and share the Aloha, Doug.



*West Maui Sports is the exclusive Maui Outlet for our Men's Marlin Fish Tees. 


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