Sundot Ohana - The Kagami's

Sundot Ohana - The Kagami's

We had the brief chance to meet this lovely couple from Kaneohe, Oahu, while they were in Kailua-Kona on their honeymoon a few months ago. (What better way to celebrate your marriage than with a 3-day fishing charter!) When they aren't busy working for the DOE (Department of Education) you can find these two rad humans helping dad with his Makata Lure business or out on the water fishing together.

Ryan and Jamie Kagami sundot marine ohana on Oahu

The Kagami's, at home on the water, Oahu


Ryan & Jaime Kagami


Where are you currently?

We currently live in Kaneohe, Hawaii


Name of the boat you fish on?

The Michiko

The Kagamis boat the Michiko Sundot Marine Flags ohana

The Michiko, Oahu 

  Sundot Marine Flags on display at the Kagamis

Sundot Marine Flags on display, Kagami home, Oahu 

Favorite flag?

The Ahi flag! Its hard to choose.


Favorite lure? 

I don’t think we could make that choice…there’s a favorite for different types of fish and fishing! But some of our favorite lures makers are Tsutomu Lures, Gaji Lures, and Niiyama Lures - all hand crafted with great  detail!


Favorite fish?

For me, its definitely Aku.  Nothing beats that flavor…cooked or sashimi! Especially Aku bones….a little salt/pepper and throw it on the grill!

Ryan loves Mahi-Mahi to eat and catch!

Ryan Kagami with the Mahi-mahi catch Sundot Marine Flags Ohana

 The Kagamis love mahi-mahi Sundot Marine Ohana

The Kagami's love Mahi-Mahi


Tell us about your most amazing fishing adventure.

We both can agree that it was our first (and only) Marlin.  It wasn’t so much the size of the fish, but rather the way everyone came together to help.  When we first hooked up to it, it didn’t take long for us to get it to the boat, but being that it was first, we had no idea what to do next.  We actually FaceTimed our friend Garret and he coached us for an hour, trying to help us get our fish in the boat.  We eventually had to tie it up to the side of our boat and he met us at the pier to help us get it in.  My (Jaime) parents met us at the pier with ice and followed us back to Kaneohe.  When we got back home we had to task of getting this 279lb beast out of the boat and into a cooler.  A good friend of ours (Dana Sato) and his family came over and helped us cut it up, along with both of our dads, and helped us get it out of the boat and into a cooler that Garret let us borrow.  Dana also did a gyotaku print of the tail that we now have hanging in our home. It was so amazing to see everyone rallying around us and celebrating with us.  Catching a Marlin was never on the top of our to-do list.  In fact, it was on our “please don’t catch it” list but the way it brought everyone together makes it our most memorable catch.


Dragging the marlin beast on board kagamis go fishing

Kagami's first marlin sundot marine flags ohana

 kagamis marlin gyotaku print

The first Marlin, Oahu

Tell us about your job? Do you fish full time or do you have other money making specialties?

Ryan is a Science Resource teacher for the Windward District (DOE) and I am a videographer/photographer for the Windward District (DOE).  We both also help my dad with his lure business (Makata Lures)


What is your dream fishing destination?

To be honest, we love fishing here in Hawaii.  For a while, we both wanted to make our way to the Big Island and get out on the water there.  We were actually able to do that on our honeymoon!  We chartered 3 days with Shawn Rotella (Night Runner Sportfishing) and had an amazing time fishing, learning new techniques, and catching fish!!


Drink of choice?

An Ice cold Coke Zero 


Favorite place to have your drink of choice?

At the pier or out on the water.


What does Kailua-Kona mean to you?

Amazing fishing grounds!!! Flat water!!


Quote or saying you live by?

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you. Matthew 7:12


How do you feel about fishing regulations in Hawaii? What needs to change?

Our fishery definitely needs some changes.  We fish in Oregon with my brother and they have a great fishery that they take pride in protecting.  For example, fishing licenses (with yearly fees) provide the necessary funds it takes to provided services like wardens, pier maintenance, and even research.  It would be great to see people get on board with supporting something like this instead of expecting the change to “just happen”


Why do you love fishing?

For the peace and quiet that you find out on the water…away from the hustle and bustle of people.  There’s also the added bonus of you never know what you’ll find out on the water…and you never know what you’ll catch.  It’s the thrill of the hunt!  It’s really nice that we can spend time together doing what we love.

Jaime Kagami with the catch Sundot Ohana

Check them out on instagram: @jaimegoesfishing + @mr_kagami




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