Sundot Ohana - Maya Our Youngest Employee

Sundot Ohana - Maya Our Youngest Employee

We recently hired our youngest employee, 12 year old Maya Maki, and had the chance to ask her some questions about some of her favorite things. Unfortunately we only got to hire her for one day, before she jet-setted off to the North Shore. Quite the entrepreneur, we think she is destined for great things and wish she could have been our Sundot Marine employee forever!

 Maya Maki sundot ohana

Fish cooked by maya maki

Fresh fish caught and cooked by Maya

Full name:

Maya Leilani Maki

Where do you live currently?

Hawi* / North Shore, O'ahu

*When we interviewed Maya she was currently living in Hawi on the Big Island. This summer she moved to the North Shore of O'ahu with her family.

Tell us a little about your fishing background.

I love to fish with my family and friends.

 Maya maki sundot Ohana boat

Maya's favorite fishing boat

Favorite Flag?

Skull is my fave.

Favorite Fish?

Kole and Menpachi

Who is your biggest fishing influence and why?

My cousin Eric because he was great at it.

Where is your dream fishing destination and why?

Tavarua because it is beautiful and good fishing.

Quote or saying you live by?

Be brave. Be strong.

Maya at makisun Hawi Kohala

Maya is a natural at retail sales, Hawi

How do you feel about fishing regulations in Hawaii? What needs to change?


Why do you love fishing?

Because it is a memory of my cousin.

What does Kailua-Kona mean to you?

Too busy.

Having fun with maya and Lori at the kona surf film festival 2018 


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