Sundot Ohana - Justin Lee

Sundot Ohana - Justin Lee

Our latest interview features Justin Lee, who enjoys fishing when he's not fighting fires in Kona. He's always making sure to catch the sunset and take part in the #SundotChallenge Oh and this guy loves his hashtags. #


Justin Lee





Where do you live currently?



Name of the boat you fish on?

Anyone that will take me, boat slut!!!

Justin Lee Sundot Ohana Lele fishing ulua


Fave fish flag?

All of them, I want a custom one!!!

What is your favorite lure?

Secret lure


What is your favorite fish to catch?



Fave fish to eat?


Justin Lee Sundot Marine Family  

What is your favorite restaurant on Big Island?

Sundried Specialties 

Check out their website and menu here: Sundried Specialties 


Tell us about your most amazing fishing adventure?

It’s 3am, just got home from a night of goin out. My roommate says we go fish, the bites on up North. I was like shoots, #Teamnosleep, who’s goin, my friend and my pops, I wanna get him a big Ahi, he’s never caught one before. We get to Heia pier around 4am and there a line of boats tryna launch and there is 4 ramps. We launch and the conditions are horrible, big NE swells, strong NE trades that just chopped up the water, we was taking poundings all the way up to Kahuku. Sum of the worst waters I’ve ever been in and by this point I’m hanging form the night before. And I’m use to fishing Kona flat waters. When we finally reach the grounds there is already 30 boats in the blind. The captain knows a handle full of them and all we hear on the radio that big fish is coming up, sum doubles. We are trolling for hours and seeing boats to the L/R of us pulling up big fish. Why aren’t we catching anything? We got the in’s on what color lures that they are biting, form the other boats that have caught already. It’s getting late in the afternoon and most of the boats went in already, and we still never catch nothing. And then, bango, big strike L side outrigger. What I didn’t know in Hnl, they pretty much hand line the big Ahi’s all the way in. Pops was the angler, my roomies wish came true, he got his dad a big Ahi. She was over 200lbs and a fat toad. Beginners luck, lucky-lucky, lucky bird #leleAdventure

Justin Lee 200lb Yellowfin Tuna/Ahi Sundot Marine flags ohana


Biggest fishing influence?

Father, he’s been taking me fishing me for as long as I can remember. From the old fishing village of Milolii to the outer banks of Alaska.



My dream job would to be a fishing boat Capt. but I’ll settle as being a Firefighter.


Dream fishing destination?

Alaska, it is a fisherman’s paradise there, I’ve been 4x and my father goes every summer, I can’t wait to take my son.


Quote/saying I live by?

Where do I start:










How do you feel about fishing regulations in Hawaii?

There are many issues that could be addressed on this topic. Would need a case beer and pound of poke to get into this question. 


Why do you love fishing?

Because it teaches you PATIENCE, OPTIMISM, and the excitement you get when the reel starts screaming makes it all worth it. 

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