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Sundot Ohana - Connor Varney

Sundot Ohana - Connor Varney

We caught up with Connor Varney a few weeks ago, not long after he returned to Hawaii from college. He had just spent the past four years at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California and he was pretty stoked to be back in the islands for the summer. Connor's mom, Vivian Varney was the family owner and operator of Sundot Marine from 1997-2017 making him a major part of the Sundot Ohana.

Connor Varney Sundot Obana

Varney ohana mike Varney bennett and Vivian at hapuna beach big island

Connor and the Varney Ohana, Big Island

We know your name, tell us how old you are.

My birthday is June 8, 1997, so that makes me 22.

Tell us a little about your fishing background. 

I occasionally shoreline fish and troll from OC1s and OC2s. I enjoy the occasional spearfishing session too. I'm always on the water either paddling, surfing, bodysurfing or sailing so fishing is just a bonus activity for me. I have been getting more into it lately, as has my brother Bennett Varney. He has been getting super into spearfishing and is progressing quickly for being only sixteen.

Connor Varney enjoying their scenery big island

Connor fishing off Raiatea on Poe charters tahiti

Connor fishing off the coast of Raiatea, French Polynesia.

What is your favorite Fish Flag?

I’d say my favorite flag is the Cocktail Flag.

 Cocktail flag flying in Tahiti

What is your favorite fish?


Tell us a funny story you shared with your crew mates/ fishing friends.
We were on a family holiday in Tahiti, all sitting around eating dinner on the sailboat. My brother Bennett was fishing off the front of the boat by himself and we suddenly heard him yell out, "CHEEE HUU, POLE BENDAHH"
Bennett Varney with his catch of the day in tahiti

Bennett Varney with his "Pole Bendahh" Catch, Tahiti

Connor bennett and tea tahitit

The boys on Poe Charter, French Polynesia

Who is your biggest fishing influence?

My biggest fishing influence is Mark Healey. I just respect him as an all around waterman.

Tell us about your job? Do you fish full time or do you have other money making specialties?

I work at Kukio Outdoor Pursuits at Kukio Resort on the Big Island. I take members of our exclusive resort fishing, paddling, surfing or on any ocean craft they feel like using. It’s a dream job and I love it!

Connor Varney going bodysurfing

Connor enjoys all types of ocean activities
What is your dream fishing destination?

Indonesia cause the surf is good too.

Quote or saying you live by?

"Money comes and goes, but memories last forever".
Connor Varney Maddy Hoffmann Tina Henline on Mauna kea
Connor Varney ku kiai Mauna flag
Connor Varney Mauna kea
Connor Varney and Christina Henline on Mauna kea
Connor enjoying some time on Mauna Kea with Ohana
What are the fishing regulations like where you live (if any?) What needs to change?
Based on my knowledge, no-take zones are awesome and perhaps more should be created.

Connor Varney Sundot ohana

 Connor in our Sailfish Sun Shirt

Why do you love fishing?

There's something about catching, cleaning and cooking a meal from scratch that makes it taste so much better.

What does Kailua-Kona mean to you?

Kailua-Kona, where the air is clean, Kailua-Kona, where the grass is green.

Connor Varney and Christina Henline Sundot ohana

Born and raised by the ocean. Living the island life.



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