Sundot Ohana - Amy Fitzgerald

Sundot Ohana - Amy Fitzgerald

Sometimes Ohana can include people you haven't even met yet, but you know that once you do, you will hit if off and become instant family. We kept hearing about a girl from Kona named Amy. We had mutual friends and similar interests. She gave off positive vibes and good energy and so we emailed her to learn more.

If you enjoy spearfishing or ocean activities in Kailua-Kona, then Amy is a good person to know. She loves Seahorses too. 

Amy and her daughter snorkelling and spearfishing big island hawaii sundot ohana

Amy and her 3 year old daughter Trystan spearfishing together, Hawai'i

Tell us your full name.

Amy Eileen Fitzgerald

How old are you? 


Where are you currently?

Kailua Kona, Hawaii (paradise)

Amy sundot ohana in the ahi tshirt kohanaiki big island

Custom TUNA car emblem to match her Sundot Ahi Tee, Kohanaiki

Tell us a little about your fishing background.

I actually havent been fishing very long, I had gone trolling a few times in the past but didnt really fall in love with fishing until I started spearfishing about a year and a half ago, and I caught on really fast. I've decided I'm much more keen on active fishing than passive fishing 😁 

Tell us a funny story you shared with your crew mates/fishing friends.

Whenever I go out ika shibi, I'm always obsessed with catching seahorses. One night I was out with my friend, we were waiting all night for a bite, and we finally get hit by some thing MASSIVE on the handline. My friend jumps on it and starts fighting this monster, (I was no help because I'm pretty sure the thing would have pulled me in), but amid all the chaos of me pulling in all the lines, the chute, and us getting dragged up and down the coast, my friend just happens to see a seahorse in the water, and with his one free hand grabs it for me and throws it into the boat. (Legend) 45 minutes later he pulls in this 400+ pound broadbill. What an animal.

Still my favorite fishing story today.


Favorite flag?

I love tuuuuna. But I still vote that there be an octopus flag made.

Amy catching octopus on Big island sundot ohana hawaii

Amy diving for octopus big island sundot ohana

Amy enjoys feeding her family with her catch, Big Island

Favorite lure?

Umm....the pink one! 😂

Favorite fish?

Ahi is definitely my favorite pelagic, but when I'm in shore I definitely love my Ukus and red fish.

Who is your biggest fishing influence?

I have to say, I'm fairly self-taught with spearfishing, however I owe a lot of credit to my friend Justin Cross who took me out there for the first time, and gave me a ton of insight on how to be safe, the right gear to use, and which fish were good to eat. I may have never started if he wasn't so encouraging.

Tell us about your job? Do you fish full time or do you have other money making specialties?

I'm not a fisherman, but I still spend all of my time on the water doing charters (mostly with big fish). I crew sailing, snorkeling, and Manta Ray charters on the Kona Coast.

Amy sundot ohana paddling wavestorm at kohanaiki

Amy enjoys surfing in her free time too, Kohanaiki, Big Island

What is your dream fishing destination?

I would love to go back and fish my hometown in California. 

Quote or saying you live by?

No time for bad days 😊

Whale shark in Puako big island hawaii

A Whale Shark sighted by Amy on January 19, 2018, Puako

How do you feel about fishing regulations in Hawaii? What needs to change?

I feel like we should be able to eradicate invasives in the marine sactuaries!

Why do you love fishing?

I love fishing because it is a way to feed my family with a known and sustainable food source. I hardly ever go to the store and pay for meat, I have definitely become mostly pescatarian. It beats paying for farm meat that didn't live happy, wild, fulfilling lives before ending up on someones table.

What does Kailua-Kona mean to you?

It means home. I had bounced around quite a lot before finally leaving California, and this is the first place in my life I've felt truly settled. Its a comforting feeling.

Amy and Christa at Kohanaiki Kailua Kona Sundot Ohana

Amy and Christa just before heading out to surf, Kohanaiki

We get the feeling there are no bad days for Amy.

Thanks for bringing the good vibes to the Big Island.


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