Sundot Moves to O'ahu

Sundot Moves to O'ahu

I recently made the big move to “The Gathering Place". The third-largest (596.7 square miles) of the Hawaiian islands and home to over 80% of Hawaii's population, O'ahu is often seen as a nice balance between a tropical paradise and an urban city and I'm beginning to see why so many people find it a great place to live.

Surfing Waikiki day two with mariana and friends

A chance to surf Waikiki with new and old friends on Day 2 of living on O’ahu was amazing. photo - Anson Lam

I decided to make the move on my way to Australia to visit family. So I packed up my home and office and filled a Young Brothers shipping container full of our current inventory and hoped for the best.

I'm not very good at making long-term plans and I am often impulsive (probably due to my live-in-the-moment mentality) and I felt that it was time in my life for a big change. Having lived on my own since the age of 18 and survived living overseas in quite a few different countries, the move inter-island didn't seem like that big of a deal to me.

Packing up for the Sundot marine move

 Moving to O’ahu with mariana and bronson

The not-so-fun part of moving made better with the help of friends

It's now "Day 3" of living here as I write this, and I couldn't feel more assured that this decision was a good one. I have already begun to make new friends and business connections, surfed perfect Waikiki and managed to not get stuck in any bad traffic (thanks to google maps and the advice of friends who know the areas) I have found a few epic cafes and visited some of my local retailers like POP (Pacific Ocean Producers). I took a walk along Kewalo Basin and met some of my favorite fishermen and fisherwoman - Captain Kelly Seebert of Island Charter Sportfishing I was left speechless when all of the boats started to come in and were flying Fish Flags!

Surfing Waikiki photo by a son lam

Tina Henline surfing Waikiki with diamond head in the background

Enjoying O'ahu life. photo - Anson Lam

There are three main reasons why I made the move. The first and main reason was to grow and expand Sundot Marine. I was blessed to inherit a business that has a unique story, a great product and a solid foundation and following of customers around the world. Running the business from Kawaihae Village had its challenges and I know that being near the main hub of Honolulu will help see a significant improvement in all areas of my business.

The second reason I decided to move was because an opportunity came and I had to seize it. My grandmother recently passed away in November 2019 (my Dad's mom) and her home in Pearl City now lay vacant. I made a decision to help my family by attending to the house and care taking what needs to be done to keep this family home in liveable condition. In spite of sadness and death, there are always new doors opening and a chance for growth. I am not one to let opportunity slip by.

Wild bunch Sportfishing ala Moana

Sea verse 3 coming in Sundot Ohana

The Wild Bunch and Sea Verse III coming in from a great day of fishing

The third major reason I left was because I needed a big life change. I felt the shift of 2020 and I was going through a lot in my personal life. I was taking on a lot of responsibility and not looking after myself. I realized the importance of that and I couldn't think of a better way to start over, than to make a move away from everything that felt comfortable and easy. I needed a challenge and a fresh start and O'ahu seemed like just the right remedy.

New home on oahu

A sneak peek of the New Sundot Marine Headquarters, Pearl City

Sundot Marine has experienced a few changes in location over the span of our 55 years in business but the Big Island has (and always will) remain our home. I know that nothing in life is permanent and for that reason I am here to enjoy every day of my new life on O'ahu.

Party waves with friends photo by anson lam waikiki Sundot marine shark hat with diamond head in the background

Shark Hat at home in Waikiki - photo: Anson Lam

Thanks for following along on my journey!


Captain Kelly baby

Captain Kelly and Captain Clint’s freshest catch

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Aloha Tina!!!
I’m so sad to hear you have left us! Even more sad that KMS has lost a GREAT substitute teacher! But you will be great no matter where you go and what you do. Your beautiful smile and enthusiasm will be missed big time! You deserve to have positive change and you are such a solid local sistah, you will be awesome there! I’ll have to look you up when I get over there some time. Love you lots and stay safe and wel!!! Jenny

Jenny Stevens

Aloha Girl!!!
I’m sad that we have lost a GREAT substitute teacher but even more so, a great all around local sistah! Your awesome smile and personality will be truly missed at KMS and in our community! You are so talented and will be a great asset where ever you go and in what ever you do! Oahu is lucky to have you, go get em girl!!!

Jenny Stevens

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