Sundot Marine - Made in the U.S.A.

Sundot Marine - Made in the U.S.A.

We are proud that our products are made in the USA, majority of them made in Hawaii, keeping jobs and opportunities close to home. We know that it is cheaper to manufacture products overseas, but our mission is to keep things as local as possible. 

Sundot marine flags wahoo/ono proof san juan capistrano face first

sundot marine flags screen printing made in the usa at face first inc in california

Screen printing process, California

Our Fish Flags started out in 1964 being completely hand-sewn by our founder, Dorsey Miller in Kailua-Kona. Eventually her flags became so desired that her production was being completely smothered by the demand. We needed an alternative and we began screen printing the fish images onto marine canvas.

Our screens are organized in folders sundot marine flags at face first california

Our screens are organized and stored in California

The flags continue to be screened in San Juan Capistrano, California. The raw, screened fabric is then sent to the Big Island where velcro is added and the flag is sewn into the finished product. We then package the flags, folding the flags in an origami-style that we have developed specifically for each flag. Lastly, we add a sturdy header card (also printed in the USA) and each flag is packaged individually and ready for sale. 

Sundot Marine Flags Trevally Ulua screen in California

Face First Sundot Marine Flags Ohana visit California

Visiting our Face First Ohana in California.

Since branching out to create other products, we are also proud to say these are made in Hawaii.

Our pouches are sewn in collaboration with The Surf Couture on O'ahu and the lures attached here on the Big Island. 

Our hats are designed and screened by a few different local companies and individuals including Gambill Studios, Havoc Unlimited and Hili Designs. 

Sundot Marine Marlin patch hat sample being sewn

A sample Marlin Patch Hat is being sewn, Kailua-Kona.

We are currently working with local Hilo girl, Veronica Hill of Cherry Blossom Bottoms, to create a limited-edition swimwear line, launching in March. We appreciate that we can meet up face-to-face to talk about our ideas and go down to the beach together to test out the products.

Designing Sundot Swimwear with Cherry Blossom Bottoms Hilo Hawaii

Designing Sundot Swimwear with Cherry Blossom Bottoms Veronica Hill in Hilo Hawaii

 Designing Sundot Swimwear with Vee Hill of CBB Hawaii, Hilo

As we continue to grow and expand, Sundot Marine will continue to strive to keep our products made in Hawaii and the USA. We will also continue to educate consumers about the importance of supporting local businesses as it in turn helps grow our communities.

We hope our customers appreciate our intentions and help us spread the word to support local.

Tina Henline and Vee Hill product testing Sundot Marine collaboration with CBB Hawaii

Product testing Sundot Swim X CBB Hawaii, Keaukaha

x Sundot Marine

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