Pohoiki and the newest black sand beach on the Big Island

Pohoiki and the newest black sand beach on the Big Island

The Island of Hawaii has lots of epic adventures and last weekend we made the mission to one of my favorite places. The recent lava flow thankfully spared a part of Isaac Hale Beach Park, also known as Pohoiki. Although most of the road down through Leilani has been covered, locals and state park crew have helped to create a trail across the lava from Mackenzie Beach, making the ocean accessible along the coast. The trail is lined by baby coconuts and spectacular little black sand beaches are visible along the way, making for quite the breathtaking expedition.

Start of the trail near Mackenzie beach park

The start of the adventure, Mackenzie Beach Park, Hawaii

The boys on the hike to pohoik

The boys at the edge, Big Island

New pure black sand beaches along the coast to pohoiki

One of the new pure black sand beaches lining the coast, Big Island

The sharp, fresh lava can be a little treacherous at times and concentration not to lose your step or fall over is paramount. We came prepared with shoes and lots of water to handle the heat, which actually wasn't too bad with the slight cloud cover. After trecking over the fresh lava zone, you are connected back to Red Road and follow that through a beautiful jungle zone of tall mango, coconut and Hau trees, covered in vines.

Hiking over fresh lava to pohoiki beach Big Island hawaii

The trail through fresh lava, heading towards Pohoiki

Hiking over treacherous lava to pohoiki

The trail is a little treacherous at times, total concentration needed!

Baby coconut trees line the trail

Lava rocks changing color due to sulfur

Lava rocks changing color due to sulfur excretion from below

Through the jungle to pohoiki

Cooling off in the jungle, Red Road, Puna

When we did make it to the beach, we were left in awe at the expansive black sand beach that now covers the bay. The jetty protecting the boat ramp is almost completely covered in sand. It is amazing to think that this was once the main entry and exit points for boats on this side of the island, always hustling and bustling with fishermen and children.

A mountain of lava is now built up through half of the parking lot and stretches out to the point where Dead Trees used to be. Even when staring straight at it, I had a hard time grasping that so many familiar parts of the park and beach were gone.

The word 'traumazing' popped into my head while looking out towards Shacks and Bowls (former favorite surf spots of mine less than a year ago) - traumatic and amazing at the same time.

Arriving at pohoiki bay

Approaching Pohoiki Bay, Big Island

The pohoiki boat ramp covered in sand

The Jetty is almost completely covered in sand

Arriving at he new bay pohoiki big Island hawaii

The New Pohoiki Bay, Hawaii

When we arrived there were only a few other people on the beach. They soon left and it was just us for the rest of the day. Well, us and about 2,345,632 flies. The flies are everywhere. A clear sign of death and decay, they have been feasting on the multitude of Dead Sea life that floated to shore during the flow. The ocean temperatures were so high they became intolerable and many creatures became trapped in the ponds that developed on the other side of the bay. 

A stretch of empty black sand, pohoiki hawaii

New upcycle Hawaii Wahoo Ono pouch perfect for holding surf wax

Our New Wahoo/Ono Medium Upcycle Hawaii Pouch 

After enjoying some fun little waves together, we took out our Upcycle Collaboration Pouches and started brainstorming their best possible uses.

sundot marine and upcycle Hawaii marlin pouch pohoiki beach

Large Blue Marlin Pouch, Pohoiki

Close up of blue Marlin upcycle large pouch

We came up with some great ideas including: 

  • Reef Safe Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Hair Ties
  • Crayons
  • Surf Wax
  • Hooks, sinkers, small fishing tools
  • Coins + Cash
  • Shells
  • Kids tiny toys (Shopkins, dinosaurs, green war heroes, Barbie shoes, ect)

The possibilities are endless.

We did conclude that they are the perfect pouch for any adventure, being waterproof and extremely sturdy. The carabiner makes it easy to attach to the outside of your pack for easy access. 


Medium yellowfin tuna Ahi upcycle pouch

Our New Yellowfin Tuna/Ahi Medium Pouch

New Upcycle Hawaii Mahi Mahi Large Pouch

Our New Upcycle Mahi-Mahi Large Pouch

Looking towards dead trees at pohoiki beach hawaii 

Pohoiki Bay looking toward Dead Trees, Hawaii


Sundot Marine Upcycle waterproof pouch wahoo ono

Our Upcycle Pouches now come in 5 styles: White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Yellow Mahi-Mahi, White Yellowfin Tuna/Ahi and Orange Wahoo/Ono. 

They are available in two sizes: Medium Square: 5” l x 0.5” w x 6” h and Large Rectangle: 9.5” l x 0.5” w x 6” h

More information on how they are made is available on Mattie Larson's website here

*Mahalo to Antigoni Trigatzi for modelling our pouches and helping us think of some epic uses for our pouches!


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