Now Offering Curbside Pickup and FREE Local O’ahu Delivery

Now Offering Curbside Pickup and FREE Local O’ahu Delivery

We are now offering CURBSIDE PICKUP and FREE Delivery on O’ahu for all orders over $100.

We were reminded from the latest Hawai’i Business Magazine to focus on the relationships we have with our customers and clients. Compared to “the mainland where the transaction is often the reason for the relationship”, here in Hawai’i it’s different - “the relationship often becomes the reason for the transaction”. We have always strived to build positive relationships with our customers and retail stores. Now, more than ever, this has been critical to the success of small businesses.

Diamond head sunset Sundot marine

Diamond Head at Sunset, O'ahu

Our web host Shopify, has adapted their shipping options to give consumers a few more choices and it has made these options possible when ordering online. To adapt to the changing world of business and to get to know our customers face-to-face, we decided to give these delivery options a chance.

Once you place your order, our staff will contact you to schedule a drop off at your home or designated location at a time that best accommodates both of us. Delivery times will be between 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday - Friday as well as occasionally on weekends. The same times will apply for curbside pickup, where you will be given the opportunity to swing by our office in Pearl City to pick up your order. 

Personally, I know that shipping costs often put me off making a purchase. Especially having to pay more for EVERYTHING that gets shipped to us here in the islands. Any opportunity to save some extra money - especially now during these trying times - is a win for me!

Alyssa Simbahon of Fifty Hard Ones Fishing with Ahi catch of the day

Alyssa Simbahon of Fifty Hard Ones Fishing

We recently met up in downtown Honolulu with some of our regular customers, and it was a really uplifting experience. Alyssa Simbahon and Kody Mento of @fifthyhardonesfishing gifted me with a slab of fresh Ahi caught by their 'Ohana. I'm blown away daily by the local Hawaiian community and this was a reminder as to why I am so lucky to live (and work) here. It was so nice to put faces to names and to talk story for awhile. It made my day to see them show up decked out in Sundot Hats and Facemasks!

sundot Ohana Alyssa simbahon and kody mento of fifty hard ones fishing

Meeting up with local O'ahu customers

At Sun Dot, we try, whenever possible to bulk multiple orders together and even refund our customers if postage works out cheaper for them. We are excited to offer these new options to our customers and look forward to meeting a few new faces.

Sun Dot will be following Covid-19 social distancing regulations, and will ensure safe interactions, wearing masks and keeping our distance.

We look forward to continue serving our local fishing community and appreciate all of your continued support.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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