New A'ama Leggings From Feather Love Hawaii

New A'ama Leggings From Feather Love Hawaii

My best friend Jenna Kagawa is back with a new line of Hawaii-inspired leggings. And They. Are. Amazing! 

Her new line features little Hawaiian "A'ama" crabs.  

Hawaiian a'ama crab


This is a crab called the ‘A’ama crab.  

Its Scientific name is Grapsus Tenuicrustatus.  And its English name is the Rock Crab.  Its habitat is shallow areas, reefs, and rocks.  They are found in the splashing zone on Hawaii's coastal areas.  The ‘A’ama Crab is Polynesian introduced and it has a hard black shell usually decorated with yellow specks.  The ‘A’ama Crab is a very common crab to find at the beach.

Growing up here in Hawaii, as a kid, you are sometimes a little bit afraid of an A'ama Crab. Everybody gets excited when they see them running across the rocks.  And even if you're afraid of the little skittering, live A'ama, you usually have enough guts to pick up their dried out shell, which turns a bright color red in the sun.


sunburned crab image from Hawaii picture of the day

A "sunburned" A'ama Crab


These little Black A'ama Crabs were the inspiration behind these leggings. Jenna has, "always loved wearing leggings and realized that there was nowhere she could get Hawaii inspired kind". One day she thought, "maybe I should just start making them". And then she did! I couldn't be more stoked!


Jenna Kagawa and Christina Henline in Feather Love Hawaii Leggings
Jenna and Tina, friends since the 5th grade, Kailua-Kona

Jenna and I have been Best Friends since 5th grade and it's so exciting to see her being creative and making cool stuff again. She took a few years off from her Jewelry Line (Feather Love Designs) to raise her [adorable] twins. Now her and her sister-in-law are back together creating these super unique, designed in Kailua-Kona Hawaii.

The A'ama Style is the second style in their line of leggings. The first design features Sunrise Shells on a turquoise or light pink background.

sunrise shell leggings feather love Hawaii


The Sunrise Shell Legging in Torquoise

Both leggings are perfect for so many things: Camping, Swimming, Fishing, Cruising, Sleeping, Yoga, Running, even just walking the dog. You can also wear them on jungle hikes, or even out to pick some bananas. These tights complement flowers pretty well too!


Hibiscus a'ama leggings from feather love Hawaii
Feather Love Hawaii A'ama  Leggings Hawaii
The A'ama Leggings are perfect BBQ Attire.

They are a polyester + spandex material, available in size XS to XL and available here: Feather Love Hawaii


Need a pair of the A'ama Leggings for summer?




sundot Ohana feather love Hawaii leggings



Mahalo for the crab info: KSBE

Mahalo for the sunburned crab pic: Hawaii Photo of the Day

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Aloha mai! Yes! Me too! Is Feather Love Hawaii still making and selling leggings? I get lots of compliments on my ‘opihi leggings! Mahalo nui in advance for getting back to me!

Hoala Fraiola

Looking to get more leggings for myself and daughter but it seems the site is pau. Is there another way to get?


Aloha darlings. I am actually looking for feather loves site and it appears to be gone. I would love to order some paddling tights from her. Any chance you know how to reach her or if she is still making awesome stuff?
Brooke (808)275-7087

brooke hoffman

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