Mama’s First Marlin

Mama’s First Marlin

I am so stoked to be a contributing writer to Hawaii Fishing News Magazine, which in my opinion is one of Hawaii’s Best Magazines! 

Hawaii fishing news

The October issue featured a good friend of mine, Dana Susina, who recently caught a Blue Marlin over 500 pounds soon after giving birth to her first daughter. She went on a Father's Day fishing trip with her family in Kailua-Kona with Bite Me Sportfishing and Captain Marlin Parker on the boat Marlin Magic.

Below you can find some of my favorite images from the day, because I like to think that her lucky Sundot Marlin Trucker Hat had something to do with her epic tag and release. The photos were taken by Carol Lynne.

Dana Susina and her famliy with her 550 pound blue marlin tag and release

Dana and her 'Ohana with her Blue Marlin tag and release

Dana Susina with her lucky sundot marlin trucker hat

Dana with her lucky Sundot Marlin Trucker Hat

Dana Susina with her daughter Cora fishing with Marlin Magic Kona

Dana Susina and her daughter Cora, on board Marlin Magic, Kona


Below is the highlight from Hawaii Fishing News Magazine and she even made it to the cover!

We made it to the cover of Hawaii fishing news magazine

Hawaii fishing news article Dana Susina October 2020

If you have a fishing-related story please reach out, I would love to try my best to get your story into Hawaii Fishing News.

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