How One Person Can Make Your Day

How One Person Can Make Your Day

This morning, started out like any other. A little sleep in and a surf check. The ocean turned out to be a little too rough and brown for our liking (in case you haven't heard, the islands have been under some severe flooding the last few days) and so we skipped the surf. We went straight to work instead. First thing on our to-do list was to call Darek in Illinoise.

This man had recently made a purchase on our website for a Blue Marlin Flag and he had left us a message this weekend about wanting to add on a few things to his order. Little did we know that calling him would totally be a huge part of what made our day so epic. 

Long story, short. We called up Darek and ended up talking story for a little while. He had just returned home from a trip to Maui where he landed his first Marlin. "It was my seventh trip to Hawaii and 3rd time deep sea fishing. First two - was nothing...couple weeks ago - it was the trip of my life" said Darek.

We rapped out with Darek, over the phone! Something that seems almost a little less common these days - with email and DM'ing seeming to be the more common mode of communication. Although he was all the way in Illinois, we still felt a connection and made a quick bond over the fact that he had just caught his first Big Fish. He was so pumped, you could hear it in his voice.

Darek was stoked to let us know that he was able to Tag and Release the Blue Marlin. "When we came back to Marina, I did fill up special form with tag number, where fish was caught and estimate weight and of course my name and contact. If anybody will catch this Marlin again somebody will let me", he said.

Darek was so pumped on his trip with StartMeUpSportfishing crew that he can't wait to come back to the islands and go deep sea fishing again. 

"Next year we plan to come again .This time Big Island where I was tree times  already. I'm the big fan of volcano. I went twice with Epic Lava Tour to the lava. If Lava will still flow next year I will do it again. And of course...I will try catch something again.

Talking story with Darek this morning really reminded us why we love being in business and how blessed we are to be a family-owned and operated business here in Hawaii. 

We love hearing these stories from fishermen all over the world. Sundot Marine is happy to be a part of your fishing tales and our Fish Flags are the perfect addition to your memories.

Please continue to keep in touch with us.

Share your stories. 

Share your adventure.



Aloha from 37ºF Chicago area.

-Darek Jasinski


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***If you haven't already heard, our island of Kaua'i has undergone extreme disrepair and damage from the incredible rain the last few days. Please spare what you can to help our Ohana on Kaua'i rebuild. 

Link to support Go Fund me is here: 

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Aloha….I’m honored that you shared my story on your website. Mahalo

Darek Jasinski

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