Diver Down Flag on Sale Now!

Diver Down Flag on Sale Now!

New dive flag and boating regulations means get your Diver Down Flag NOW!!! In support of this SunDot is offering their large 16 X 24 flag at 50%off. Reg $29 Now $14.50.

SunDot Diver Down Flag on sale now

With new regulations put in place for all dive vessels and beach entry divers, it is very important to always have and use your Diver Down Flag. Divers shall attempt to stay within 300 feet of the Diver Down Flag and the flag must be displayed so that visibility to it is not obstructed.

Displaying a "Diver Down" flag lets other boat users know that swimmers, snorkelers or divers may be nearby. It encourages them to approach the area with caution.  


 all divers must use a Diver Down Flag.



SunDot is here to take care of all your dive flag needs and encourage you to always remember to DIVE SAFE!


Shaka up for the SunDot Diver Down Flag



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