This year we are running our First Annual 12 Days of Christmas Sale. We are offering one Ulua Flag - per day - at 50% OFF. The first visitor to our website each day has the chance to take advantage of this half price sale by entering the code "CHRISTMAS" at checkout.

We have six small 12x17 flags to sell at only $11 (regular price is $22) and six large 16x24 flags to sell at only $14.50 (regular price is $29). That's a major savings for any fisherman, Giant Trevally, Ulua fanatic. 

Sundot Marine Flags Ulua Flag Aku Fishflag and Yellowfin Tuna Ahi Flag

Our 12x18 Ulua Flag is pictured in the middle of the Ahi and Aku Flags

Our Trevally/Ulua Flags are the perfect way to remember that first catch, or to display in the hope of catching that one...giant...Ulua.

Brittany McCurdy with a Giant Trevally Ulua Catch Sundot Marine Flags 12 Days of Christmas Sale

Brittany McCurdy with the Ulua catch, bigger than her!

So spread the word to your friends and check each day for your chance to purchase.

Only one purchase, per customer, per day. 

Happy Christmas, from the Sundot Ohana.

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