Maui Strong Fundraiser Flag

Maui Strong Fundraiser Flag

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Pre-Order our NEW Maui Strong Fundraiser Flag.

These flags are being made to help support our Lāhainā Fishermen who lost everything in the devastating fire on August 8, 2023. Many have been left without a job, losing their home and all it’s contents, boats, vehicles, lures, clothing…everything but the clothes on their backs.

Every flag purchased is showing your support to one of the most special communities in Hawaii, a place which held our former kingdom, and the harbor that showed the Sun Dot ‘Ohana so much love over the past 60 years.

This flag was made to bring hope to our friends and family and to the people of Maui who are all being impacted by the recent events to The Valley Island.

100% of the proceeds from this flag will go to the fishermen and their families to help them rebuild.

Each flag features an original design printed in white on both sides of a red flag. Velcro attachment system makes for easy and effective use. 

Flags are currently in production and will be mailed out mid-end of September. 

Made in Hawaii.



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