MARLIN APRON - Long and short

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Options for both long and short style aprons with a white fish printed on the front.  There is an option for marlin and ahi.

Perfect for many outdoor occasions like family BBQs, cooking, baking, and even cutting up fresh fish from your catch.

Long aprons are 65% cotton, 35% polyester they have two front pockets measuring 9.25"W x 7"H.  Rounded bottom hem measures 20" x 24".    SIZE: 20"W x 24"

Short aprons are 75% cotton, 30% polyester they have a wraparound waist both ties measuring 29.5".  Has three pockets in the front, 6"W (outside pockets) 6.5" (middle pocket), 6.5H on all pockets.     SIZE: 20"W x 10"H

Hand printed in Hawaii


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