Dolphin / Mahi-Mahi Sun Dot Kids T-shirt

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Our Keiki Mahi-Mahi Tees are perfect for your little lawai'a (fisherman). Kids love wearing our tees, which makes it easier for you to get outside and spend more time fishing!

Our Dolphin Fish / Mahi-Mahi design is one of our the most popular. You can dress it up or wear it out fishing. We also love this tee because the bright color helps your keiki stand out in a crowd, making it easier to find them in a group of kids or at the park. We have been told, that most kids never want to take our fish tees off!

This tee features our original and authentic fish design on the front and our Sun Dot Marine logo on the back center of the t-shirt.

The “Rabbit Skins” brand of T-shirt we use tends to run smaller than the average kids tee so we always recommend you go up a size to be safe.

Available in sizes: 2T, 3T, 4T, 5/6 + 7


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