Marlin Flag

  • Easy to Use - Hook & Loop headers make attachment quick and easy. Flags fly true and clean on halyard or outrigger lines.
  • Large Selection - Over eighteen different designs available in 16" x 24" (Tournament) and 12" x 18" (Trophy) sizes.
  • Proven for Strength - Flags are double stitched throughout. Durable blazer poplin material (65% polyester/35% cotton) resists fading.
  • Superior Quality - Colorful eye-catching designs. Mirror image screen printing on both sides.
  • Made in the USA  usflag

We are not able to accept orders at this time due to low winter inventory. Please contact us by phone for information at 808.885.8022. Thank you.

     SUNDOT Marine Flags was established in  1964 in Kona, Hawaii. Local artist and seamstress Dorsey Miller originally supplied Kona sport fishermen with unique, hand-sewn appliquéd flags.
     Through the years, improvements have been made to the flags, while still maintaining our tradition of high quality and superior workmanship. The grommets have been eliminated, replaced by hook & loop headers for easy attachment, and our designs are now silk screened for long lasting wear.
     Each and every piece is still sewn up here in Kona, under the personal attention and  expert touch of our  seamstress, Jeri Macres, an old family friend.
     SUNDOT Marine Flags are used and recognized by big game fishermen worldwide.


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